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We are always looking for experienced construction hands, all crafts. However, during the coronavirus pandemic we are asking that all applications be completed online. Thank you!

Visit the Employment Opportunities page for details on how to apply.

Quarterly Supervisors' Meetings are held the first month after each quarter. Incidents from the previous quarter are thoroughly reviewed and measures are discussed to ensure they do not reoccur. Any accidents are discussed in depth and their investigation results reviewed.

The new site of SAS offices and shop are complete and we are now operating out of the new facilities.

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History of the Organization

SAS Construction, Inc. officially began business in 2001. The company was started by a small group of partners experienced in the construction field and with common beliefs in the ethical and moral operation of a company. SAS stands for “Sanders and Son” and is named in memory of Mr. Charles R. Sanders, whose life had a major impact and influence on the ideals, morals, and work ethic that is the foundation of SAS Construction, Inc.

General Information

SAS Construction, Inc. is a non-union general contractor performing new construction and maintenance work in the industrial, commercial, and municipal markets primarily in the state of Louisiana and for various customers in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kansas. Incorporated in 2001, SAS is a subchapter “C” corporation licensed in Louisiana in building construction, heavy construction, and municipal and public works. SAS is also licensed to install, move, and reinstall boilers by the state of Louisiana. SAS has the ability to obtain bonding as required.

Services Provided

SAS Construction, Inc. provides all supervision, manpower, equipment, materials, and outside resources (engineering, etc.) necessary to complete large or small scale construction and maintenance projects including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Equipment and Tank Setting – installation of heavy equipment, pumps, fans, tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, process equipment and systems, packaging equipment and systems, and product conveying equipment and systems
  • Process Pipe Fabrication and Installation – fabrication, installation, and testing of large and small bore piping systems including carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloy, plastic, internally lined pipe, pipelines, fumigation piping, and high pressure piping
  • Assembly and Installation of Production and Conveying Equipment – installation and maintenance of air conveying systems and material conveying systems including screw conveyors, belt conveyors and elevators
  • Mechanical Maintenance and Repair – valve, fitting, and duct/pipe replacement, equipment patching or cladding, structural replacements, bolt replacements, structural support installation, grating or deck replacement, equipment replacements, guard replacements, vacuum system repairs, etc.
  • Concrete Paving and Foundation Work – all concrete and associated work including foundations, paving, concrete repairs, grouting, site drainage, site grading, pilings, etc.
  • Demolition Work – demolition and removal of concrete foundations and paving; removal and/or salvage of pressure vessels, process equipment, piping, conveying systems; as well as dismantling and demolition of specific structure and equipment within an operational unit
  • Fabrication – onsite or custom fabrication is provided by SAS crews; process equipment, tanks, structural steel projects, and special alloy fabricated items are produced internally and through our network of fabricators
  • Industrial Turnarounds – specific unit or plant wide turnarounds and maintenance shutdowns utilizing practical project schedules that minimize interference with day-to-day operations
    Budget Estimates and Scheduling – we assist our customers by providing budget estimates, scopes of work, and scheduling for projects in the planning stages