The SAS health insurance plan for 2017 is a High Deductible plan bit Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). This allows employee premiums to stay low:

  • Employee Only – $15/week
  • Employee + Spouse – $48/week
  • Employee + Child(ren) – $55/week
  • Employee + Family – $55/week

For an Employee Only plan the deductible is $1,900; for all other plans the deductible is $3,800.  SAS will contribute half of the deductible to a Health Savings Account (HSA).  This is a checking/savings account that you can use to pay for doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, dental fees, etc.  The money in the account is the employee’s and any unused balance will be rolled over to the next year.

Once an employee meets their deductible BCBS will start to pay all in network costs at an 80/20 split (out of network 60/40 split).  This means if you stay with health care providers that are in the BCBS network you will have to pay for 20% of your medical costs after you reach your deductible until you hit your Out of Pocket Maximum.

The Out of Pocket Maximum:

  • Employee Only – $4,800 Network, $9,600 Out of Network
  • Employee + Spouse – $9,600 Network, $19,200 Out of Network.
  • Employee + Child(ren) – $9,600 Network, $19,200 Out of Network.
  • Employee + Family – $9,600 Network, $19,200 Out of Network.

Prescription drugs costs are applied to the deductible then billed as 80/20 Generic and 60/40 Brand Name.  Please see the list below of prescription drugs that will not be covered in 2017.  If you are currently taking a drug on the list you my want to ask your doctor to switch you to a similar drug.

common-drugs-not-covered-pg-1                common-drugs-not-covered-pg-2

Some prescription drugs may require your doctor to talk with BCBS before they are covered.  Please consult this list for any Prior Authorization required drugs you may be taking.

prior-authorization-additions-pg-1                prior-authorization-additions-pg-2